This 7.5 year old Chihuahua that was referred to The Animal Ark for sonology due to a week’s history of vomiting, that was not responding to medications. He was bright and active, but was believed to have been fed fruits as treats by his grandparents.

Upon abdominal ultrasound scanning, a sharply defined area of shadowing was identified near the entrance of the stomach. Normal digestive motion was still observed in the areas in front of and behind this abnormal structure. Given the location of the structure, non-invasive endoscopic removal was a viable option and he was immediately referred to our surgical suite.

Following a smooth general anaesthesia and wire snare removal, the object in question was determined to be a lychee seed. Such foreign bodies, composed of organic matter, may not always be distinctly observed with X-rays as they mimic the soft tissues of our organs. With ultrasound, we are able to achieve greater precision in diagnosis, leading to less traumatic treatment outcomes.