Thank you Dr Oh, Hitch’s Saviour!

Our dearest Bichon freze Hitch ( age 12 now) had difficulty in passing faeces,  ultrasound scan showed a big mass around 7 cm and cyst around 5-6cm, close to prostate, the cyst was operated in January n the mass was sent for diagnosis,  unfortunately the result came back as prostate carcinoma…

It was a difficult operation as the mass was so close to the prostate.  Dr Lin of animal Ark was worried that Hitch might become incontinent after the operation. Picture of Hitch with catheter after the ops.

Things still didn’t brighten up after the ops,  the mass was so big it still compressed on the lower rectum causing Hitch unable to defecate.

He was very lethargic,  no appetite We put him on low residue dog food,  lactulose,  aneme, all didn’t help much …

I noticed Dr Oh tcm leaflet at Dr Lin’s clinic and decided to try alternative treatment.

Straight away I called Dr Oh’s clinic and was told to bring Hitch down to try.  Hitch was given acupuncture and concoction to take at home 2 times a day.  First few days only very tiny amount of faeces came out but after almost 2 weeks, in the middle of one night, suddenly this long black poo hanging out!

To our delight, we felt like we have won the lottery!  Even better than winning lottery!

From that night onwards, Hitch has been able to pass feces smoothly and as normal.  Hitch is also back to his oldself,  playing with his toys after meal which he has not done for ages.

We are so glad that we made that decision to visit Dr Oh’s clinic.  His acupuncture on Hitch made him so relax and his herbal concoction is incredible. The lump shrank incredibly as well.

I hope those pet’s owner out there will not give up on their sick pets,  at least give tcm a try. We truly believe in Dr Oh.  Thank you so much Dr Oh for helping Hitch to be his old self again!  You are wonderful!

From Hitch’s parent Nancy