Oshio standing tall after tcm and acupuncture treatment with Dr Oh

Oshio has been with us since 1st Jan 2006. He is an active dog and exercises quite regularly. All of us had our great moments with him. He is an avid swimmer and still is, despite of his condition…

Around early Jan to Feb 2017, we noticed our Oshio’s ( Male Golden) hind legs were wobbly but did not take much heed as we had always heard of hip or joint issues when a dog gets old. I thought I had also pushed him too hard to climb the flight of stairs.
We took him to Clinic A for a consultation and was recommended by the Vet to try the Cartrophen injection for his joint. We went ahead and there were 4 weekly jabs, the Ist jab happened in 3rd Feb and last on the 26th Feb.
There was no improvement at all. We decided to consult another Clinic B who had also suggested to try on the Acupuncture therapy. The 1st session started around late March and the 4th was around mid- April. The needles were mostly concentrated around the hind legs areas with no electrical pulse connected.

On the 16th April, his condition started to deteriorate quite badly and wasn’t able to move. His bladder was bloating up and we decided to send him to an Emergency animal hospital in the night. There were many treatments/assists being carried out to alleviate his pain and discomfort, especially with the excretion and urination. He was discharged on the 17th and we had to face the reality that he was going to be bedridden. This was a painful process to witness what he will be going through. Vet mentioned that it was a likely case of spinal degeneration. They showed us by using a plier to “pinch” his hind paw and he would not even notice or feel it. The vet recommended spinal surgery but no guarantee of a cure or recovery. She had also hinted at putting him to sleep, for fear his quality of life will suffer significantly. At such an old age, we do not think it is wise to put him through the tribulation without any degree of certainty but pain and sufferings.

We went back to the same clinic for further treatment. He was still on his catheter and due to possible infection, this catheter had to be removed. We were taught how to massage and express his bladder to let him urinate and how to excrete.

I had searched the website and came across the term Degenerative Myleopathy. I also saw some video that can best relate to this debilitating disease and was told to date, there is no cure but a certain stairway to heaven.

Somehow, fate had it when one of my wife’s friend recommended Animal Ark experiences and treatment. The children promised this will be the last recourse before we let him go.

We started the acupuncture treatment on a twice weekly basis from the 20th April and were recommended Chinese herbs to be taken with his meals. Dr Oh had also introduced some food for his meals which comprises of various types of beans, ginger, Chinese yam etc. We do supplement it occasionally with some cooked meat.

During the initial phase of treatment at Dr Oh’s acupuncture clinic, we noticed whenever needles were being inserted, Oshio does not feel very much. The electrical pulse was on the higher range. But subsequent treatment did show some sensitivity to the point he loathes going to the clinic. I had also tickled his hind paws to test on his reflection and it did respond.

Dr Oh’s treatment has offered Oshio a 2nd lifeline.

from pet owner Jeffrey, September 2017