I brought Bailey for a routine check with her usual vet on Dec 28th, 2016 and they felt a lump in her abdomen.  She was immediately sent for a blood test, ultrasound and a CT scan which revealed a large aggressive tumour that had grown into the surrounding organs and had very poor prognosis without a chance for surgical removal.  This came as a big shock as there had been no drastic change in her behaviour or big symptoms before the diagnosis.

Based on her CT scan, the vet told me its almost certain its an aggressive cancer and gave her 4 – 6 weeks to live.  I asked the vet what were my options and was told we can manage her pain in her later days with morphine or other drugs.  Eventually, the tumour is supposed to grow so big it crowds her other organs and might rupture and she will bleed to death internally.  What a horrible thing to hear about your beloved pet!  I felt so guilty and sad that I didn’t catch it sooner, and could not believe that there is nothing I can do to help her.

Shortly after her diagnosis, she took a sudden turn for the worse on Jan 8th.  It seemed almost overnight, when i woke up one morning, she didn’t rush to greet me and was lethargic, she refused to eat, then developed severe diarrhoea and vomiting.  Her weight dropped from 3.8 to 3.3 kg and she was nothing but skin and bones. She also wouldn’t move very much and was curled up a lot, she looked like she was in pain, and I’m told that the tumour can press on other organs and cause vomiting and discomfort.  The vet gave her pain medication and meds but her diarrhoea continued.  She also had no appetite, and this is a dog that never says no to food!  I was pretty heartbroken watching her waste away and get weaker and weaker.

Bailey curled up a lot and looked like she was in pain …

Luckily, I was recommended some alternative options and a friend referred us to Dr Oh.  On Jan 10th she went for her first session of TCM and was given 3 big bottles of medication and told to come back every 3 days.  After 2 sessions, her diarrhoea finally stopped and her appetite started to pick up.  After 1 week, she was looking more like herself and regained strength.

Bailey underwent acupuncture treatment at Dr Oh’s clinic

Today it is almost a month since she was first diagnosed, and Bailey has done an amazing turnaround.  She has gained weight and is now 4.1kg.  She has not looked this good for a LONG TIME and is bouncing around like a puppy again.  She is playful, active, and super greedy.  When I look at her, I find it hard to believe she is a dog with a terminal illness.  In addition to weekly TCM, she also does ozone and intravenous vitamin therapy.  She also takes Dr Oh’s Chinese meds twice a day with apocaps and probiotics.  I think this combination has worked miracles on her.  Honestly, I never really believed in alternative therapies before this, but now I am convinced it makes a big difference.  And I am so glad that I gave it a chance and did not just stick to what the conventional vet had recommended.  She will continue her therapy as long as it improves the quality of her life.

Bailey has regained her strength after the TCM Treatment. She look happy and bright…

I know that her cancer cannot be cured, but my goal is to make her remaining days as pain free and happy as possible.  So far her response has been promising, and I hope that I’ve extended her healthy days so I have a lot more time to spend with her and spoil her silly.

from Sheen and Bailey