3 months ago, we discovered that our 9 month old male bunny was giving out a wheezing sound with every breath. We sent him to a vet. The vet took an xray and did a blood test. It was concluded that there was an upper and lower respiratory tract infection. The cause of the infection is unknown and we were given antibiotics to administer to him.

Over the next 3 weeks, his condition gradually worsened. He was losing weight, he was using his abdomen muscles to assist in breathing and his wheezing got louder was sneezing as well. He even had to breathe with his head facing upwards.

During those 3 weeks. We have consulting the vet again and our bunny was given antibiotics of increasing dosage . We even sought the opinion of a 2nd vet who gave more antibiotics.

He hasn’t been responding positively to the various medications administered to him. The vet told us that from her experience, our bunny’s chance of survival is <50%.

In our desperate state, we started exploring if there is avenue of TCM for our bunny.  We found Dr Oh. Even though forums stated that his fees are more expensive than a typical vet, his TCM treatment were effective in cases where western med do not work well.

From then on, he has been gradually recovering. His level of activity has increased.  He is drinking more water and eating more hay. We have also been reducing his dosage of the previous prescribed western medicine. We hope he would be completely cured within a month.

We would like to thank Dr Oh for his TCM expertise which gave our bunny a chance to fight for his own life and to recover.

Thus we decided to bring our bunny for regular acupuncture and feeding him the prescribed herbal medicine. It took our bunny another 2 weeks for his condition to finally stabilise.

from pet owner X X Heng, September 2017