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4.1 Stars - Based on 74 User Reviews
vaybayy Avatar

We’ve been taking our family’s pets to Singapore’s vets for Many years (capital M intended). I must say Dr Eugene... read more 07/05/2020

sim t. Avatar
sim t.

Very patient n polite staff and vet. 06/03/2020

Team O. Avatar
Team O.

V professional and practical advice for my 11 year old collie. Had a major operation with no issues and currently recovering. 10/02/2020

Paige G. Avatar
Paige G.

Professional setting and vets 09/01/2020

rinita s. Avatar
rinita s.

My pet 'posh' is a 17 year old Labrador and she owes her long, healthy life to the care and... read more 29/11/2019

Sze W. Avatar
Sze W.

Good service and experienced vet. Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities on site. 16/10/2019

Ashley S. Avatar
Ashley S.

My dog was suspected mast cell tumour. Been to another vet clinic previously that did not give me confidence to... read more 25/09/2019

antonimuthu a. Avatar
antonimuthu a.

Great service pure friendly vet. 20/08/2019

Youngones Y. Avatar
Youngones Y.

Friendly place 13/08/2019

Alvin L. Avatar
Alvin L.

Vet was very attentive to my puppy and willing to share suggestions. Pricier than the average pet clinic in Singapore though. 13/08/2019

Karin A. Avatar
Karin A.

Dr Eugene is an excellent vet - very patient and attentive to our dog. The lady technician who did the... read more 10/07/2019

Sherman O. Avatar
Sherman O.

Took my dog to the vet after she was stung by a bee. Despite having no appointment and having many... read more 10/07/2019

DV B. Avatar

Very professional. 10/04/2019

Jeremy T. Avatar
Jeremy T.

Top notch 10/03/2019

Woo w. Avatar
Woo w.

Eugene: best vet in Singapore. 10/03/2019

Pauline K. Avatar
Pauline K.

Sent my dog here for dental treatment. Clean environment and good service. 10/02/2019

dion t. Avatar
dion t.

All of the vets there are highly professional. They are never over booked and hardly late for appointments. 10/11/2018

M A. Avatar
M A.

I brought my dog there twice due to 2 different problems. Dr Soh asked her colleague to give me call... read more 10/11/2018

A C. Avatar
A C.

Best vet practice I have encountered in singapore and I have been to no small number (about 4-5). They are... read more 10/09/2018

KD T. Avatar

Sent my dog for a operation and the folks too real good care of my dog ..... no complaints 10/09/2018

Thomas S. Avatar
Thomas S.

Always friendly and helpful. Don't mind if you pop in during their lunch hours if you are only collecting some... read more 10/09/2018

Aida G. Avatar
Aida G.

Great service, thank you! 10/09/2018

Amanda T. Avatar
Amanda T.

This was our first time dealing with a sick hamster. Dr Soh took the call, gave some advice, and even... read more 10/09/2018

Timothy L. Avatar
Timothy L.

Nice clean and professional clinic for your pet. 10/09/2018

YP t. Avatar
YP t.

Not smellly 10/09/2018

Hoonseok C. Avatar
Hoonseok C.

Clean and works 7 days a week. 10/09/2017

Paul P. Avatar
Paul P.

Excellent veterinary clinic. Very good with our cats. 10/09/2017

Tricia L. Avatar
Tricia L.

The best for my kitties! 10/09/2017

James H. Avatar
James H.

They are always so caring and gentle with my dog 10/09/2017

Yumiko M. Avatar
Yumiko M.

Dr Eugene is very professional . I have a cat who was traumatized by other vet in different place. ... read more 10/09/2017

Delfi E. Avatar
Delfi E.

They're the best. Simple. 10/09/2016

Penster Avatar

Great experience, staff calm and friendly with my nervous dog. Clean premises and reasonably priced. 10/09/2016