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What is Animal Acupuncture?

Fine, sterilized needles are inserted to the acu-points of the animal to send a signal through the meridian to the respective organ, stimulating it to adjust and resume its normal function.

There are 4 diagnostic methods and 8 principles to decide the acu-points of an animal. Additionally, the yin-yang theory can be used to analyse the source of the illness before going ahead with acupuncture treatment.

There is no general length or frequency of sessions an animal requires, as it depends on the severity and type of disease it suffers. However, a single acupuncture session should last no longer than half an hour. Typically, therapy requires multiple treatments and convincing signs of improvement will often be observed after the 2nd or 3rd treatment.

However, it is important to know that how completely an animal recovers does not always correspond to how fast improvement is noted. Many illnesses require persistency in order for acupuncture to respond positively.

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